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These white papers provide an in-depth view of SeeWhy’s technology and how it can be used to address shopping cart and form abandonment as well as website conversion challenges.

Email Remarketing and Compliance

WhitepaperRemarketing to website visitors that abandon shopping carts and web forms is perhaps the highest ROI marketing activity the online marketer can undertake. Abandoners are visitors that almost purchased from you, or almost completed a web form. It‘s not surprising really that a nudge by email works incredibly well.

Remarketing emails, when done well, provide good service to customers and these emails are often kept and used as a reminder, or quick path back to items in their shopping cart. In the case of a web form, being able to pick up where you left off on a long form is really appreciated, and can save the customer significant time and effort.

The regulatory landscape is confusing, however, in particular in Europe, and this whitepaper sets out what you need to do to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act in the US and the European Privacy Directive in Europe.

In this white paper we’ve set out a simple checklist to explain the basics of remarketing, and set out what you need to comply with the legislation in the US and major European markets.

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Conversion Optimization Platforms: Introducing SeeWhy’s CORE Suite

Digital marketers are aware that if they can coordinate marketing campaigns across multiple channels their online conversions would increase significantly. They also know that their campaigns and remarketing efforts perform best when personalized, and that real time marketing is dramatically more effective than a batched-based process. But marketing across multiple channels is difficult. And marketing across multiple channels is real time is near impossible.

Learn how conversion optimization platforms have set out to revolutionize digital marketing in the ecommerce world by automating prospecting, merchandising, pricing and remarketing campaigns across multiple channels. Acting as analytic hubs, conversion optimization platforms integrate data from multiple sources, analyze customer behavior and trigger real time 1-to-1 actions.

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