Mobile E-commerce: The future of purchasing

Watch this video, just recorded live at IRCE in Chicago, as MarketingSherpa’s Daniel Burstein interviewed Charles Nicholls, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, SeeWhy. Chatting in the MarketingSherpa Media Center, Nicholls revealed how to leverage mobile marketing to aid customers on their buying journey with a seamless experience.

“In many respects, mobile is the glue that glues the online experience with the in-store experience,” Nicholls said.

Just this year, smartphones eclipsed tablets for e-commerce purchases. Nicholls challenged that in the future, a smartphone will be the purchasing device. Watch his interview for more insights into the importance of mobile e-commerce.

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When it comes to converting clicks to customers, every minute counts.

In ecommerce today, 7 out of every 10 customers start a shopping cart process but fail to complete it. This results in over 300 billion dollars of lost ecommerce sales each year.

Maybe shipping costs were too high or buyers wanted to do more comparison shopping, but if they leave and don’t return within the first hour then the probability of completing the sale is reduced by 90%. So, how do you win back customers in those first few seconds, when your opportunity to convert the sale is the greatest?

The answer is SeeWhy.

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Conversion Manager Demonstration

Click on this video to see a quick overview of SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager product, for remarketing to website abandoners. This video will answer these questions:
What is abondonment tracking?

How does SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager product help me remarket to website visitors who abandon their shopping cart or online form?

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Meet Magento UK – Charles Nicholls

The Science of Shopping Cart Abandonment (Presentation at the Meet Magento UK 2011 Conference, London)

Why do visitors abandon shopping carts? What are their motivations? What can we learn by segmenting abandoners based on behavior? How can email remarketing work to recover abandoned shopping carts? Drawing on new primary research giving
fascinating new insights into online buyer motivations, this presentation suggests practical techniques that can be applied to prevent abandonment and recover abandoned shopping carts.

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