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The Conversion Academy is dedicated to furthering the understanding of online buyer behavior through primary research and analysis. Educators, speakers, and ecommerce industry experts use the Academy to share knowledge of conversion techniques through educational programs and materials.
The Conversion Academy is chaired by Charles Nicholls.
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• Practical eCommerce: The Great Facebook Debate (Webcast) • Jennifer Kruger Interview with Charles Nicholls (Podcast)
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Charles Nicholls
Charles Nicholls is a leading industry expert on ecommerce, web analytics, social media marketing, and online buyer behaviour. He specializes in shopping cart abandonment and email remarketing, and serves as Chair of the Conversion Academy. He has authored two books: ‘Lessons Learned From The Top 10 Converting Websites’ and ‘In Search of Insight.’ Charles is a market analyst, blogger, commentator and regular contributor to ecommerce and analytics publications including ClickZ, Practical eCommerce, CustomerThink and BusinessWeek. He is also founder and Chief Strategy Officer at real time remarketing company SeeWhy. Read full biography.
Speaking Appearances
Date Location Event
March 2014 San Francisco, CA Conversion Conference
January 2014 New York, NY NRF The Big Show 2014
September 2013 Chicago, IL 2013
September 2013 Boston, MA Conversion Conference East
November 2013 London Conversion Conference
April 2013 San Francisco, CA Conversion Conferece
December 2012 London Magento LIVE
November 2012 London Conversion Conference
November 2012 London Magento LIVE
November 2012 Dusseldorf Conversion Conference
October 2012 Amsterdam Demandware XChange Conference
October 2012 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Conversion Conference
September 2012 Denver, CO Annual Summit
June 2012 Chicago, IL Conversion Conference
May 2012 Boston, MA Demandware XChange Conference
March 2012 San Francisco, CA Conversion Conference
December 2011 Captiva Island, FL Email Insider Summit
November 2011 London Conversion Conference
November 2011 London Meet Magento LIVE
September 2011 Boston, MA Annual Summit
October 2010 New York, NY Conversion Conference East
September 2012 Boston, MA Annual Summit

Feedback from Appearances

First Session

  “I thought Charles was the absolute best at the entire conference! He was a wealth of knowledge and I got a lot out of this session.” “Charles’s presentations were the best ones of the conference!” “Charles’s two sessions were the most interesting sessions I’ve attended at ANY conference. Even if I received no other education during this conference, his sessions were worth the time and money to attend this conference.” “Phenomenal presenter, faaaar exceeded any expections. Must see again.” “Very relevant data, presented in a fun way.” “Funny, entertaining, delightful!” “The best session that I’ve been to at this event!” “Great content based on data and testing. Practical tips that you could take and test right away. Both of Charles’s presentations were the best outside of Tim’s keynote.” “Charles’s presentations gave me as much take-home actionable items as any session of the day.” “Very informative. Being a new-bee to conversion techniques, his presentation confirmed a lot of the assumptions I had and gave me a few new tricks to add to my tool bag.”  

Second Session

  “Excellent track – brought home many great ideas.” “Charles was excellent. I’d love to see him talk again in future sessions.” “Great content based on data and testing. Practical tips that you could take and test right away. Both of Charles’s presentations were the best outside of Tim’s keynote.” “This is the type of content I would have expected to see across the sessions.” “Charles’s presentations gave me as much take-home actionable items as any session of the day.” “My favorite one!” “Charles was my favorite presenter both for 3 reasons – 1 sense of humor, 2 knowledge of subject matter 3 use of real world examples.” “Best session of the day!”  
Articles/Speaker Abstracts
Charles Nicholls actively writes articles and leads sessions at industry conferences on the following topics: The ROI of Remarketing for eCommerce Brands Real time remarketing is delivering the highest ROI in ecommerce today. That’s why we decided to lead one of the largest A/B tests ever conducted in ecommerce to help retail companies understand the drivers of performance. Learn, or re-learn, the essentials of creating a remarketing strategy that leverages best practices to generate up to 10% higher revenue online. The Science of Shopping Cart Abandonment Why do visitors abandon shopping carts? What are their motivations? What can we learn by segmenting abandoners based on behavior? How can email remarketing work to recover abandoned shopping carts? Drawing on new primary research which gives fascinating new insights into online buyer motivations, this presentation suggests practical techniques that can be applied to prevent abandonment and recover abandoned shopping carts. Conversion Optimism v Conversion Optimization On average only 2-3% of website visitors convert, while only 3 out of 10 people that get as far as the shopping cart convert. Small changes to a website’s conversion rate have a dramatic impact on sales. Yet most emarketers want traffic above all and are willing to invest big bucks to get it—through SEO, paid search, display advertising, referral, social media, and so on. Why do marketers often focus on website traffic and not on plugging the conversion leaks? This presentation uses new primary research and examples to illustrate practical techniques which marketers can apply to optimize website conversions and ultimately ROI. Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts & Web Forms On average 70% of visitors that place items in their shopping carts do not complete the process. Equally, 65% of visitors that start a web form do not complete the form. Email remarketing programs can recover up to half of these abandoners, boosting conversion rates significantly. This presentation draws on extensive analysis of email remarketing campaigns to show you how to make these programs deliver significantly more conversions. Using examples and split tests, this ‘how to’ session covers what to send, when to send it, and how to use promotions without cannibalizing future sales. Gorilla in our midst: Competing in an Amazon dominated ecommerce market By focusing on Low prices, Selection and Convenience Amazon has come to dominate ecommerce, with a 30% market share. But how can ecommerce businesses build a defendable niche ecommerce business that Amazon won’t cannibalize? This presentation looks strategies used to compete with Amazon, and tactical lessons that ecommerce marketing and merchandising teams can learn from Amazon.    
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