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SeeWhy Converts Clicks to Customers in Real Time

SeeWhy creates a breakthrough in website conversion for many of the world’s largest and best known brands.

We help ecommerce merchants reach out to website visitors who abandon their online purchases or forms, as soon as they abandon. The result? More sales, more conversions.

Up to 50% of website abandoners are recaptured and converted with our real-time, automated website remarketing service, SeeWhy Conversion Manager.

Conversion Manager converts abandoned shopping carts and online forms into revenue by:

  • Tracking individual website visitor’s onsite behavior
  • Triggering real-time, automated email follow-ups to initiate personalized, multi-stage remarketing campaigns
  • Optimizing campaigns automatically for each individual visitor

The SeeWhy Secret Sauce: Big Data, In-Memory Architecture

Take a look under the hood of Conversion Manager and you’ll find a multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture designed to analyze 100s of millions of events on a continuous, 24 x 7 basis. Look again and you’ll find our patented real time analytics engines, which use advanced event processing technology to continuously analyze multiple streams of data.

This underlying technology lets Conversion Manager monitor individual visitor behavior continuously. It lets Conversion Manager automatically trigger real time, individually optimized actions that drive abandoners back to buy. And it is the cornerstone of Conversion Manager’s ability to convert up to 50% of website abandoners in to customers.

As a result, Conversion Manager provides one of the highest and most easily attainable ROI’s of any online marketing initiative, generating 10 times the revenue of traditional email marketing campaigns.

SeeWhy Conversion Manager is the fastest way to convert abandoned shopping carts and online forms into revenue.

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